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The complete guide to collecting expired credit cards

Just like other hobbies, credit card collecting requires dedication, practice, and patience. A lot of time, effort, and joy can go into searching for the right credit cards, and serious collectors have amassed thousands during the course of their hobby.

It also entails monetary investment if you want to own some of the rarest and most sought-after vintage credit cards, especially those that have historical value or were once owned by famous people. It may seem odd to non-collectors, but the satisfaction you’ll get from completing (or almost completing – we’ve yet to meet a credit card hobbyist whose set is complete) your set of rare and valuable credit cards is worth all the effort and money you’ll spend.

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In September 1993, Jerry Ballard organized and hosted the first International Credit Card Collectors Convention in Richmond, Virginia. At the convention, Bill Wieland volunteered to form an organization of credit card collectors and, in 1994, he formed the American Credit Piece Collectors Association. At the first membership meeting later that year, the name was changed to the American Credit Card Collectors Society – ACCCS.

ACCCS Officers(L-R): Chuck Jennings, Scott Nimmo, Jerry Ballard


ACCCS members have authored a number of publications relating to credit card collecting

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