Buying and selling credit cards

💳 eBay: is arguably the best source for buying and selling credit cards. There is a dedicated category for credit cards under Collectibles > Collective Credit & Charge Cards. It is also possible to find credit cards on international eBay sites, however, they don’t have a dedicated credit card section, so you have to use eBay’s search function.
💳 Facebook: There is a public group on Facebook for Vintage Credit Cards with hundreds of members.
💳 Delcampe: This is a website for buying and selling collectibles. There is a category for credit cards.
💳 Colnect: A source for buying, selling, and managing cards. There is a marketplace for bank cards.

Articles and general information on credit cards

💳 Wikipedia: There is a detailed page about credit cards on Wikipedia, plus many further pages about all manner of related topics.
💳 More Than Money is one of the most complete and accurate overviews of credit card history we have found online.
💳 PBS (Public Broadcasting Service): Watch the video: The Secret History of the Credit Card.
💳 American Heritage: How we became a nation of instant, constant borrowers.
💳 Bankrate: What to do with an old or expired credit card.
💳 Now You Know: What Was the First Credit Card?.
💳 Harvard Business School: A Brief Postwar History of U.S. Consumer Finance (pdf).
💳 Polymath Consultancy: A Brief History of Payments (pdf).
💳 National Museum of American History: Consumer Credit pieces and cartoons from the 1950s.
💳 The Points Guy: The complete history of credit cards, from antiquity to today.
💳 Get Out of Debt Guy: Infographic: Indebted to Plastic: This History of Credit Cards.
💳 Relatively Interesting: The Evolution of the Credit Card.
💳 Diaphanes: A praxeological history of the credit card.
💳 The Airline Passenger Experience Association: Credit History: The Birth of the Air Travel Card.
💳 Wirecutter – The New York Times: The First American Credit Card Was a Coin.
💳 Personal Finance Digest: What should you do with old credit cards and gift cards?
💳 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: Credit History: The Evolution of Consumer Credit in America (pdf) from a publication called The Ledger.
💳 Bank of Canada Museum: National Currency Collection including sections for Payment Cards and Credit Cards.
💳 Emojipedia: Information about the credit card emoji

Clubs and societies related to credit cards

American Numismatics Association
American Numismatics Society
Society of Paper Money Collectors
The Numismatic Bibliomania Society