ACCCS members have authored a number of publications relating to collecting credit cards and credit pieces. If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please send us an enquiry and we will forward it to the relevant author. The prices below do not include carriage or customs charges, which will vary by country.

The Origins of Mastercard
(And An Overview of a Global Industry)

Agostinho Campos Ferriera, 2021
Price: RRP €48.00, ACCCS Members €35.00

The Origins of Mastercard is possibly the most complete book ever published about credit card history. Encompassing far more than just Mastercard, the book contains a huge amount of information and many high-quality images across 327 color pages. It is a brilliant resource for anyone interested in credit card collecting.

“I firmly believe this book will become one of the definitive historical references of not only Mastercard but the credit card industry in general.”
Scott Nimmo, President of the American Credit Card Collectors Society


  • Credit: A Historical Reference
  • Early Physical Support
  • Credit Cards in the USA
  • Bank Credit Cards
  • Bank Cards: The Context
  • Bank of America: The Expansion of BankAmericard
  • The Banks of Chicago
  • ICA: The Interbank Card Association
  • The First National Bank of Louisville: Master Charge Expansion
  • CBCA/WSBA: Western States Bankcard Association
  • Master Charge Developments from July 1967 to 1970
  • BankAmericard: Struggling for a New Concept
  • Credit Cards in Europe (this section of the book includes Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Iceland and Germany)

Charge Coin Reference Guide

Edmund Tylenda & Chuck Jennings, 2018
Price: RRP $78.87, ACCCS Members $59.00

The Charge Coin Reference Guide contains 314 pages and over 1,500 different coins cataloged and imaged in life sized color. It took six years to create.


  • Dedication: American Credit Card Collectors Society
  • Salute to Predecessors
  • Foreword & Introduction
  • Purpose
  • Scope of Guide
  • What is a Charge Coin – Method of Cataloging
  • Taxonomy
  • Listing Syntax Example, Legends
  • Composition, Grading Guide & Valuation
  • Manufacturers of Charge Coins
  • Charge Coin Values
  • Identifying & Dating
  • Mavericks
  • Playboy Charge Tokens
  • Help Finding the Identify of your Mystery Coin: An Index to Manograms
  • ACCCS Articles
  • Listings: General, Firestone, Mavericks
  • Image Catalog: General Firestone, Mavericks

A introdução dos cartões de crédito em Portugal (1960-1975)

Agostinho Campos Ferriera, 2011
Price: ACCCS Members: €25.00

Ten years before authoring The Origins of Mastercard, Agostinho Ferriera published a book written in Portuguese. The title translates to “An Introduction to Credit Cards in Portugal (1960-1975)”. It is a comprehensive description of the beginning of the various card operations in Portugal.


  • Prefácio
  • Introdução
  • Os Precursores Americanos
  • A Experiência Portuguesa
  • O Cartão Diners Club
  • O Cartão Sottomayor
  • O Cartão Unibanco Da Unicre
  • A Publicidade
  • Os Cartões De Crédito Na Lei
  • Os Cartões Em 1975
  • Conclusão
  • Fontes E Bibliografia

Agostinho hopes to create similar publications in the future for other countries, such as Spain, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

2011 Hotel Credit Card Catalog

Jerry Ballard, 2011
Price: $27.00

The purpose of the 2011 Hotel Credit Card Catalog is to guide the collector concerning values and varieties of hotel credit cards.

This is the first hotel credit catalog to be issued. It contains 658 cards.

Jerry Ballard has collected credit cards since 1973, specializing in hotel cards in the late 1980s.


  • Order of the Cards
  • Size of the Cards
  • The Cards
  • Hotel Card Grading Guide

2008 Charge Plate Catalog

Jerry Ballard, 2008
Price: $29.00

The purpose of the 2008 Charge Plate Catalog is to show collectors about what the 2008 values are of “Charga-Plates” and what plates are available to collect. There are 473 plated images in this catalog.

This is the first charge plate catalog which is in colour. Jerry published two previously for the American Credit Card Collectors Society. Those were limited in scope compared to this one.

This catalog is the culmination of 35 years of credit card collecting.


  • History
  • The Plates
  • Differentiating the Plates
  • Plate Values
  • Charge Plate Grading Guide

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