How to Get Additional Credit Cards for Your Collection

When applying for MasterCards and Visas, many people who collect credit cards have determined that the issuers of these cards are very sensitive regarding the number of inquiries on our credit files. I'd like to  suggest a method of enlarging your collection while not increasing the number of file...

ID Numbers of Bank Card Issuers Explained

Are secrets buried in account numbers? You would certainly think so based upon how secretive Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are about what some of the numbers in your account mean. What do the digits on credit cards mean? The first four digits of a Visa indicate the issuing bank. Every...

Finding Undervalued Credit Pieces

Stories of finding credit pieces for a few dollars that are worth $50.00 or more apiece are becoming commonplace. So which dealers should a credit card collector approach to find some of these under-priced specimens? How to find undervalued credit cards for your collecting hobby Generally speaking, there are places to...

Collecting Tips for Credit Coins and Credit Cards

Since completeness tends to increase a collection's value, pick a specialty area within credit card collecting that offers a chance to assemble a large representative group. 3 tips on collecting charge coins and plates When collecting charge coins, stay away from rusted or damaged pieces. Inferior pieces attract little attention...

The Evolution of Charge Coins to Credit Cards

Charge coins were first issued in 1890, with some stores continuing to use them as late as 1959. Coins were issued in various shapes and sizes. Some, from clothing stores, came in shapes such as shirts, socks, or hats. What were charge coins made of? Charge coins were made of different...

Shopping Around for a Credit Card

Did you "shop" for the Visa, MasterCard or AmEx in your wallet? Chances are, you have it only because you already do business with the same bank or because it came pre-approved with a big line of credit.  Until a few years ago, there was little reason to shop because...

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