Are They Charge Coins Or Charge Tokens?

Some people call them "charge coins". Some say "charge tokens". What should you call the first known credit pieces? The proper name is charge coin. Cause of confusion The confusion about charge coins vs. charge tokens originally comes from numismatic definitions.  Numismatists have precise definitions to distinguish coins from tokens. According to the...

Who Really Issued Your MasterCard & Visa?

Although a bank's name appears on your collectible credit card, that doesn't mean the bank actually issued it. Because of the rapid growth in the number of bank credit cards and the tightening of profits, many small banks were squeezed out of the market. On account of their size, they...

History of the Chevron Credit Card

Chevron USA began in San Francisco in 1879 as the Pacific Coast Oil Company. Standard Oil Company (Iowa) acquired the Pacific Coast Oil Company in 1890, and the Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) became Pacific's new owner in 1900. Change in name Pacific's name was changed to Standard Oil Company (California)...

US Airlines That Have Credit Cards

The first charge card was issued by an airline, at least according to the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) people. Pioneer airline in charge cards The UATP card was started in the 1930s. Their card is claimed to be the first ever issued with a billing system that required payment in...

The Affinity Credit Card Opportunity

Affinity credit cards are the fastest growing type of bank cards in America. And along with their success come many predictions of what lies ahead. Forecasted growth of affinity cards One such forecast comes from Betsy Bauer in the U.S. News & World Report. Betsy wrote, "Although these cards account for...

Inflation, Dead Hobbies & the Collector

"Buy now while prices are low. Inflation is just around the corner. When inflation comes, prices will shoot through the ceiling!" So goes the story of buy now or you'll "miss the boat". Inflation as a short fix Hobbies that depend on the return of inflation as the only method to...

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