Ripped In Half Credit Card Brings Staggering Price

A paperboard American Express credit card, that was torn completely in half and then sent to a professional restorator to be glued back together, has sold for a mind-boggling US$350.00! The card was ripped in half just left of the center. Part of a bundle of cards The card was one...

My American Express Card Experience

I received a letter from a fellow who had an American Express card for sale. The card had a code of 5037-5-59 on its back, showing the card was ready for issue in May of 1959. This would make it one of the first plastic cards, since the first...

The Amazing Credit Card Opportunity

Credit cards are one of the hottest collectibles of all time. This fact is overlooked by many people, including collectors in the hobby itself. The pricing structure To explain the opportunity this hobby offers, it's important to start with the pricing structure of modern credit cards. A Mint condition single purpose credit...

Have You Changed Your Name Lately?

Credit card collectors are always looking for ways to increase the number of cards in their collections. Some collectors have found that name changing is the fastest and easiest method available to acquire massive amounts of credit cards. Using a nickname The way name changing works is when applying for credit...

The Economy And Collectible Credit Piece Prices

There are several fundamental things to keep in mind when determining the impact of the economy on our credit card collecting hobby. The size of the hobby First, consider the hobby's size. Unlike several large hobbies, where a 10% decline in the number of collectors can translate into thousands and even...

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