Paper Credit Cards: The Overlooked Rarities

Charge coins and plastic credit cards are the pieces that most collectors desire. But what about credit cards made from paper? Why aren't collectors interested in them? Is it because no one wants them, or is it because they're so rare that few collectors know they exist? Few collectors realize...

Grading Credit Cards

I’ve written the following grading standards for credit cards so you can understand the way I'm thinking. The standards I've written are merely to get a flow of ideas started, they aren’t official, but I believe they will help all of us sing from the same hymn sheet, so...

A Brief History of Credit Cards

It's all ARCO's fault. They canceled their credit program and abolished the use of credit cards. As I sat there with my trusty scissors in hand, as per their instructions for cutting up their now obsolete credit card, a little voice deep inside this obsessed collector said, "Why are...

Why Collector Familiarity Is Important

A Wall Street Journal article tells about collectors of strip art. They collect the original hand-drawn comic strip. One collector, "paid $4,000 for the original drawing of the first Pogo strip to appear in newspapers." When the collector tried to sell the 1948 strip in an auction, nobody was interested...

How to Keep Credit Card Accounts Current

Brace yourself for this. Most credit cards must be used to keep accounts open. Accounts should be kept open whenever possible. Open accounts enable you to continually accumulate credit cards. There's a bright spot in all of this, though. It's that there's little inconvenience or expense involved in keeping accounts...

How to Handle & Protect Your Credit Cards

Great! The mail man just left this envelope and I can feel the credit cards inside. I wonder who these cards are from? I'll just rip this envelope open and see. But wait a minute! If you’re starting to collect credit cards, it’s important to learn the procedures needed to handle...

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