Using Clubs to Manipulate the Market

It's important for collectors to understand some of the various market manipulation techniques in existence, not necessarily so collectors can use them, but more importantly to make sure they're not used on the collector. The art of market manipulation One of the foremost experts in the field of market manipulation techniques...

Forming A Collection Of Scenic Cards

Taken from an article written in the Credit Card Collector newsletter, 1991. The First National Bank of Omaha, doing business as the First BankCard Center, issued different "scenic" MasterCards and Visas for each of 25 different states. That's 50 different MasterCards and Visas to collect. The Featured States from West to...

St. Louis Cardinals NFL Visa Rushes For New Record

This article is a glimpse into the past. First published in the Credit Card Collector newsletter, January 1991. An “Intermediate Mint” St. Louis Cardinals NFL Visa, with an expiration date of 03/89, has sold for a record $200.00—not bad for a credit card that expired only two years ago. The best...

How Much The AmEx Violet Card Sold For In The 90s

From a Credit Card Collector article in December 1990 An American Express Violet credit card has set a record for the highest price known to be paid for any plastic credit card by selling for a mind-boggling $400,00!  Details of the private transaction are very hazy, but a few facts are...

A Look Into The Past: The ACCCS In The 1980s

This interview with Greg Tunks, one of the people behind the Credit Card Collector newsletter, sheds light on the credit card collecting hobby back in the eighties… Credit Card Collector: How's the state of the hobby? Greg Tunks: The hobby's in good shape. I'm not saying things couldn't be better. But...

Old Credit Card Collectors Never Die…

Copyright 1990 by Harry L. Rinker Every credit card collector enjoys sharing his collection with other collectors. I am no exception. Inevitably, any visit includes a question that I wish would be left unasked: "What's going to happen to all your stuff when you die?" No true collector or accumulator ever...

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