NFL Cards: Why So Expensive?

A mint condition St. Louis Cardinals NFL Visa, with an expiration date of 05/89, sold for $125.00 in 1990. The previous record price set a few months previously was $75.00. What in the world was going on? What are NFL credit cards? National Football League cards have been popular since their...

Why Affinity Issuers Should Focus Programs

Banks should use focused marketing to better serve their credit card customers' needs. By discarding the "shotgun" marketing approach, bank card issuers may find a surprising difference in public opinion and the profitability of their operations. Take for example affinity cards: A long term successful program requires more than just...

The Business of Investing: 3 Recommended Books

Collectors have begun taking an interest in credit piece investing. Because of this, Credit Card Collector (editor’s note, this is the name of a previous credit card collectors’ club newsletter) recommends that all readers study three books Three must-read books How to Make the Most of Your Investments in Antiques...

How To Bring Children Into Numismatics

The American Numismatic Association, the world's largest non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of numismatics, is having trouble getting youngsters involved. The ANA wants to show kids the fun in numismatics. There are occasional success stories, but basically, children in numismatics are a non-event. One thing about children is they're...

Credit Card Preservation

One thing noticeably missing in old time credit card collections is the lack of quality material.  It appears most pioneer collectors didn't realize the day would come when others would be seriously interested in their credit cards. How did early collectors display their cards? Early collectors seldom took precautions to protect the...

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