How to Handle & Protect Your Credit Cards

Great! The mail man just left this envelope and I can feel the credit cards inside. I wonder who these cards are from? I'll just rip this envelope open and see. But wait a minute! If you’re starting to collect credit cards, it’s important to learn the procedures needed to handle...

Credit Cards: Type vs. Variety

As a new collector, you might be wondering about the differences between credit cards in terms of type and variety. You’re probably curious, as you should be, about the differences between the major and minor varieties or changes in the credit card field. Of course, there are obvious minor changes...

How to Acquire Credit Cards

"How do I get more credit cards?" is the main question tugging at the collector's mind. In good news, techniques to get more cards can be easily learned and applied. Applying for credit cards Applying for credit cards keeps your collection growing. These initial cards form a base on which to...

Do You Have Reservations About Trading Credit Cards?

You might have some personal reservations when it comes to trading modern credit cards which are hampering your progress as a collector. For example, it’s possible that you have been accumulating your personal credit card collection for quite some time, but since it’s all in your name, you’re reluctant...

What Makes Credit Cards Valuable?

A question we’re often asked at the ACCCS is why, if collecting credit cards is such a great hobby, would a collector want to wait a long time before their collection is worth anything? The answer is this: many people believe that the price of an item is directly related...

How to Start Your Credit Card Collecting Hobby

Why's a one-week, fun-filled, Bahama vacation like an amazing credit card collection? "You've got to have a load of money for either," you say. No. You don't need to be rich to have a great credit card collection. What you do need though is a plan. They both require planning to...

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