The Global Credit Card War

U.S. credit card market saturation The United States consumer is drowning in a sea of credit cards. The U.S. credit card market is so saturated that the average cardholder carries four pieces of plastic. Everyone who wants or qualifies for a bank card already has several. The only market left, in...

The History of the Marathon Credit Card

On August 1, 1887, in Lima, Ohio, the Ohio Oil Company was founded. The company was purchased by the Rockefeller interests in 1889 and became a subsidiary of The Standard Oil Trust. In 1911, the Standard Oil Trust was broken up and the Ohio Oil Company became independent. The first...

The Secret of Charge Coins

Charge coins are one of the best kept secrets in the credit card collecting hobby today. Everyone who learns to recognize charge coins has the possibility of duplicating or even surpassing the opportunity. Spotting collectible charge coins Credit card collector, Walt Mach, wrote: "While scanning some 'maverick' tokens at a local coin...

Is Your Credit Card Collection Really Complete?

It's wonderful to be involved in a hobby in its early stages. As you continually improve and enlarge your credit card collection, it's easy to feel satisfied with your accomplishments. But are you really doing the best job possible? Collecting additional credit-related items Let me point out an area you may...

History of the Conoco Credit Card

The Continental Oil Company began as a regional marketer of coal oil, candles, and axle grease in the Rockies in 1875. The first Conoco credit card was used in the mid 1930s. It was known as the "gold card", and was the special province of Mr. Dan Moran who...

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